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December 22nd, 2016

Yard-Working Man Fully Recovers

Ricky Kimbrell shares his recovery story after suffering from a torn tendon –

“In November 2015, I fell down a steep hill while doing yard work at home. As I fell, I tried to catch myself with my left arm, which rotated like a Barbie doll arm. After an ER visit and one week in a sling, I followed up with my regular physician, Dr. Brad Crosswhite. An MRI revealed I had completely torn the tendon in my rotator cuff. My doctor was very concerned, and insisted that I was seen by a specialist as soon as possible.

My wife is an ER nurse, and has seen Dr. Richard Rainey’s work. Both Dr. Crosswhite and she agreed I should see him. Dr. Rainey operated two days before Thanksgiving. He did an excellent job with minimal scarring. He sent me to Longtown for therapy, and they communicated very well during my recovery.

During mowing season, I do a lot of yard work in the evenings which requires the use of several types of yard equipment. At a check-up with Dr. Crosswhite this summer, he was surprised I am able to do everything I did before the accident with no limitations, considering the severity of the torn tendon. My wife sings Dr. Rainey’s praises, as she is also surprised I was able to make a 100% recovery.

I have no pain or discomfort, and am able to do everything I did before the accident. I am so glad I chose Dr. Rainey and Specialty Orthopedic Group.”

Thanks for sharing your story, Ricky.

Come back strong. See a specialist.


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